The first and the last uncensored movie featuring our lovely Yuuna Shiomi!

Yuuna Shiomi is a legendary JAV actress retired from the industry while she was popular. Now you will be able to view Yuuna’s pretty pussy in high definition streaming! Watch her grab on to a cock like a microphone, and she will serenade you with her dick sucking!

Yuuna Shiomi's Movies


2015-03-252015-03-25 publishedscheduled

The First & The Last Yuna Shiomi #2

Face like an angel, and a style like the devil. Her wet lips are there for sucking cock. She lets every cock slide into all of her holes. She squirms and screams! Man she's so hot!


2015-02-132015-02-13 publishedscheduled

The First & The Last Yuna Shiomi #1

Yuna is a pretty Japanese girl with pink skirt. But that skirt will not be on the screen for too long because she took it off for fucking! She's enjoys getting fingered and fucked in the pussy like a pro! The video ends with cum all over her face. What a great finish!